About The Author

Patricia Lynn Denning, better known by her middle name of Lynn, is a retired Information Technology professional with a 34-year career in various industries, including healthcare and life sciences, television and movie studios, as well as systems analyst for NASA.


She wrote this short memoir following a serious brain injury which occurred at the peak of her career, leaving her with a not-so-bright future. However, with perseverance and a strong will, she overcame the challenges of a damaged brain and once again thrived.


She has shared this short story with the hope that it might inspire others to stay strong in their own personal challenges.

Career Highlights

In Lynn’s long career, some of the years were spent as a regular employee where she advanced her career to the level of Director of Information Technology.  Other periods of her career were spent as an independent IT consultant hired for specific projects.  She would be called in to do what they call data conversions.  In simple terms, this is where data must be moved from an old system to a new system.  Lynn would do the analysis and write the programs to move the data.  Data conversions were her specialty and several of her project teams nicknamed her “The Data Queen.”  She has said that she feels so lucky to have had a wonderful career doing something that she loved. 


These are a few of the amazing places at which she had the honor of working.

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